About Us

Günter Bröker [GSB GmbH]
Günter Bröker

Imagine, since 1987, they have been developing and manufacturing precision carbide knives for a wide variety of cutting applications. Everything was needed quickly, in good and constant quality, knives for the most extreme requirements had to be developed, tested and then produced in series. Everything worked well and I was very satisfied. Today, a small company has become a company with 60 employees.

In the mid-90s, the question arose: What about a suitable knife drive? I like to face this challenge and what you do not have yet, you have to develop. First of all an air driven drive, which was repeatedly improved, became very successful. And so I thought, great: everything is going well.

But nothing stays the way it is. In many applications today, a defined depth of cut is indispensable and so it was only a matter of time until the request for an electric drive was brought to me.

Sebastian Bröker [GSB Solutions GmbH]
Sebastian Bröker

To my luck, my son got into the BFT Hartmetallwerkzeuge in 2016, after completing his studies as a mechanical engineer, and found more and more his vocation in the construction for drives. It quickly became clear that the department for drives had to become an independent company. That's why we founded GSB GmbH.

During this time, the electrical drive (E-Drive) was developed, which is now ready for series production.

The next project, an electric rotary drive is now in the test phase and the market launch will be this year. So we now offer various cutting tools for a wide variety of applications. Materials like 30 mm hard PVC up to baked carbon fiber is no longer a problem.

Through my many years of experience in all areas of industrial cutting, which I pass on to my son, coupled with his new and fresh ideas in construction and beyond, I can look calmly to the future. My and now our success is based on personal proximity to our customers, and that has not changed until today.