Pneumatical Oscillatory Drive

For powerful and low-maintenance cutting, the OSZ is the right tool. Hard, tough material, such as Honeycomb can be processed. But also soft materials such foams are no problem.

Depending on your requirements, the oscillating air drive OSZ is available with the following specifications:

  • divided into 2 different concentricity accuracies (please specify when ordering)
    • OSZ 110 ≤ 0,2
    • OSZ 110P ≤ 0,05
  • 2 different blade holders (please specify when ordering)
    • 6 mm round shank
    • 8 mm round shank

The processing of materials, with a stroke of approx. 7 mm and with a cutting depth up to to 200 mm, is possible. The drive can be used for a wide variety of materials, such as Cork, leather, foams, cardboard, corrugated, honeycomb and rubber.

The suitable knives are available from our partner BFT Hartmetall Werkzeuge.

All technical data at a glance are here for you.

We can provide the OSZ 110 / 110P with these capabilities to adapt existing cutting systems. If more than one drive needs to be used, kindly send us a request. Of course we have a solution for this case.